Are you done having sex? Learn how to clean your sex doll for next sex trip on the bed

It may be one of your first questions before buying the sex dolls. How to properly clean your love doll after love? If you do not properly clean it, there is a chance for fungi to grow inside wall. Because the vaginal interstices of a love doll do not dry well. Here are the tips for you to take care of your love doll and how to clean your sex doll.

With or without a condom?

The first thing to ask is, will you use a condom or not? In the first case cleaning is simpler because it only requires removing the lubricant from the cheap love doll. Without a condom, it’s more complicated because the sperm must be removed completely with each report. The doll must then be disinfected. You will find the disinfectant for love doll in the shop in the accessories category.

Cleaning the openings

First, you need a folded towel that you insert below the buttocks of your love doll, presenting it to the edge of the bed.You can fill your enema pear with a little liquid soap. Mix everything, foam must appear. This mixture can be used in about 2 to 3 times. Open the vagina well and insert the pear wand as deeply as possible and press to make a powerful jet. Some of the water will run off, and the rest will have to be removed. To do this, simply lift your love doll while seated, always with your legs apart. The water will naturally flow on the towel.

Disinfection of the love doll

Then you will need to disinfect the flat chest sex dolls of all the bad bacteria and fungi that might come later. You will find it in the accessory department store. With the water well drained, open the vagina with one finger, and with the other hand put pressure on the sprayer towards the bottom of the vagina. About 5 to 6 pressures in different places. Make the liquid escape again by putting the seated love doll. Then do a manual drying. No need to think about dry hair, it is too strong and can alter the doll.

Finger in the love doll

Then you must push your middle finger deep inside the vagina of your sex doll. Make quarters of rotation and try to push your middle finger as deep as possible to dry the end to the maximum. Remove it and take other paper towels. And repeat this until the hole is completely dry. Take this opportunity to dry also the anus that will necessarily receive cleaning water. Drying needs to be done more importantly.For this you must bring a bubbler pump for aquarium with 4 outputs. Insert the 4 tubes secured with tape in the vagina as deeply as possible. Let it bubble for 2 hours, removing it gradually. The trick is played, your love doll is cleaned and ready for the next meeting.