Are Your Vending Machines Stocked with the Most In-Demand Car Wash Supplies?

If you own a car wash and you do not have a vending machine where customers can buy inexpensive supplies for their car, you could be missing out on a big income opportunity. That is because a customer’s mind is already on his or her car. Seeing items such as air fresheners and steering wheel covers in a vending machine may prompt the customer to buy one or more items to keep the car looking and smelling its best. The easier it is to use the vending machine, the more likely it is that you can increase your per-customer revenue.

What Kind of Items Should You Stock in a Car Wash Vending Machine?

Air fresheners are one of the most common car wash supplies that customers expect to see in a vending machine. It is in your best interest to offer as much variety in this area as possible. A customer who just paid money for someone else to wash his or her car wants that freshness to last as long as possible. Little Tree air fresheners are quite popular as are clips that the customer can hook on to the air vent of his or her car.

Cleaning towels and sponges are also popular car wash supplies that easily fit into a vending machine. This gives customers the opportunity to continue to keep their car clean after investing in a professional car wash. Including options for towels such as those made from microfiber and towels just for cleaning leather will help you appeal to a broader customer base. Be sure to face the items forward when you place them in the vending machine so the customer can see the size of the towel out of the package and determine if it has the special features that he or she needs.

People usually have towels and sponges at home but might not know where to find them when it comes time to wash the car. Buying these pre-packaged items from a vending machine and keeping them in the car ensures that they can locate them when needed. Your employees should stress the convenience of these products if customers ask any questions about them.

Specialized products such as protectant, leather care, and glass cleaner are all good options to place in a vending machine. As you get to know your regular customers after a while, you can recommend specific products for their type of vehicle. This shows them that you are willing to go the extra mile to give them the satisfaction of driving a clean car. Of course, you will want to stress that bringing the car in for regular washes with professional-grade equipment is equally as important.