BSNL online recharge – simple, straightforward and fast

Mobile phone recharge used to be quite bothersome some ten years back. Not today, anymore! One of the blessings that internet has provided to the common man on the streets in the country is the ease of getting their prepaid mobile connections topped-up that happens in a flash of lightening. BSNL, the only governmental cellular provider in the country, has a large user base in rural and urban areas because of its consumer-friendly recharge plans and rates. One key reason why the BSNL online recharge has put a smile of its consumers face is the fact that it has helped in eliminating physical visits to a retailer or company store and the endless wait there to get the job done. Since many customers believe in topping up as per requirement, they had to make these visits to the local store quite frequently some years back. No more, of course!

In few simple steps, complete online recharge

  1. For BSNL online recharge, consumers must just open the BSNL website from a computer terminal, laptop or even their hand phone or alternately download the BSNL App onto their smartphone. The App needs to be downloaded only once and then used repeatedly for online recharge or/and bill payment of post-paid connection.
  2. The other way to initiate the process is to use the website of a reliable and trust-worthy third-party site like Paytm, MobiKwik or PhonePe. These resellers have their Apps too that can be downloaded by users one-time. The advantage of using a reseller site or App is that it can be used for not only BSNL online recharge, it can be simultaneously used for recharging mobile connections from other cellular providers; it can be used for paying bills of other service providers like post-paid mobile bills, landline bills, data card, DTH, electricity, gas, water, school and college fees etc.; can be used for booking movie, bus, train, metro and air tickets; can be used for hotel bookings; and can be used for shopping too.
  3. The next step in the process is for users to furnish their mobile number/s that must be recharged.
  4. Then they need to select the Circle or the state/region where they are based.
  5. Finally, input the amount or choose from a relevant BSNL online recharge

After this the screen takes them to the personal information page where they are required to furnish personal details like email id, name and then choose the payment mode. The payment gateway of the website or the App then communicates to and fro between the user’s bank pertaining to the selected payment method and on approval from the backend, informs the merchant site to acknowledge the payment. In case the user’s bank rejects the payment, the reseller or BSNL will accordingly inform the user about the rejection and failure of recharge.

More and more people today use the internet to make their online payments and recharges. This is primarily because of the simplicity of the entire process. Even people who are not tech-savvy, children and elderly people are able to carry out the process with ease.