Commercial Cleaning Services in Miami

An office space might look spotless and clean on the surface, but there can be filthy areas invisible to the naked eye. While businesses strive to keep their workplace clean for everyone, most likely than not, without the help of commercial cleaning services miami based professionals, the office isn’t 100% sanitary.

Here are the top 9 places businesses forget to clean that can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria:

#1 – The Office Chairs

While they might look clean at first glance, office chairs have a lot of sweat, dead skin cells, and other dirt stuck on them, especially if they are upholstered. If these chairs aren’t cleaned regularly they can easily be the dirtiest surface in the entire office.

#2 – Door Handles

Everyone grabs hold of the handles and they are touched by hundreds of hands a day. Surely there are bacteria and germs all over the handles that can easily spread around the office.

#3 – Behind Bulky Equipment

What you don’t see doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Move the printers and copiers and you will see inches of dust, dirt, and ink particles gathered behind the machines.

#4 – Office Walls

The office wall doesn’t seem to get any contact from people, but that doesn’t mean it’s dirty. Run a finger on the wall and you will see just how much dirt and dust there actually is. Don’t worry, the commercial cleaning services Miami companies offer will clean those walls up right away!

#5 – Awards

While you are proud of what your business may have accomplished in the last few years, you should take a look at those awards once more. Dust and grime may have collected over them in the last year and they will require careful cleaning.

#6 – Ceiling Tiles

Tiles are notorious for collecting grime, but most businesses only check their floors, not the ceiling. While no one is walking on the ceiling tiles, dirt can still get trapped in between the cracks.

#7 – Office Mugs

The mugs you use for your morning coffee might not be the cleanest in the world. The office sponge rarely gets replaced which means it contaminates every mug, plate, and kitchen utensil in the office. Better change those sponges regularly.

#8 – Light Switches

Another part of the office that is hardly ever cleaned and sanitized are the light switches. People touch these regularly which mean they are constantly contaminated by germs and bacteria. These should be cleaned every day at the very least.

#9 – Computer Keyboards

While they are used every day, they aren’t cleaned nearly as often. The computer’s keyboard is one of the dirtiest surfaces in the office and it should be sanitized at least once a day.

Don’t let a neat office fool your eyes. Even if the janitor always cleans the bathroom and takes out the trash every night, that doesn’t mean the office shouldn’t be wiped down from top to bottom regularly. Hire a professional crew to do a deep cleaning at least once a week to ensure the office stays clean and sanitary for everyone’s health and well-being.

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