Cryptocurrencies Paving their Way into the Digital Gaming Arena

Currency, tokens, coins or GP, regardless what you call it; you cannot deny the fact that virtual currency has occupied back pockets of people in the digital arena of video games way back during the days of Mario head-butting the floating bricks to extract gold coins into your account.

Despite the video game designers during the old and present era have exhibited unlimited imaginations for creating lush and rich universes beyond the wildest of imaginations.

Presently, virtual currencies have been relatively common in digital arena. It would be normal to purchase skins, tools and existing secondary market outside the game where people would be trading items. You could check out the statistics, as several people have spent money for purchasing of content. People have regularly started tipping and paying in virtual currencies. As a result, they have started to realize the value that could be held in everything from mobile minutes to air miles. The question to ponder upon would be what to expect next?

Emergence of block chain technology

The emergence of block chain technology along with decentralized digital currencies would cater you with an opportunity to step up further. It would help you get close to the virtual circle currencies going all the way back to Mario. There are several startups and enterprises looking forward to finding ways to integrate block chain, decentralization and digital currencies into experiencing the gaming world.

Going back to the year 2013, the first game to initiate the trend of Crypto games was Dragons Tale. The game actually enabled players to put actual Bitcoins at stake on the outcome of the variety of mini games.

The initial wave of games for making the most of Ethereum’s ability for integrating programmable tokens into specific Ethereum games has taken collectibles and throwbacks to old card games.

A majority of developers have been working towards establishing their own block chains. These scalable sidechains have been specifically designed for various kinds of gaming projects. It could be the next big thing for sure. It would not be wrong to suggest that entire virtual worlds have been built on currency called Ethereum. You would be able to purchase plots of land and look forward to building your own virtual neighborhood.

Even though the addition of block chain and digital currencies into video games would definitely be the case of trial and error, it has been making progress towards virtual currencies that has been going on for decades.