Do you know about the myths related to Gout?

The pain is some which can make the physical condition of a person worse. Still, they pretend that they are happy. Ask any patient suffering from gout, they would tell you from what they are suffering from. Generally, gout is a medical condition that is generally an inflammatory arthritis. It is the result of a high concentration of uric acid in the blood, which further results in the formation of urate crystals.  Sometimes, the patients suffer from gout attacks too.

One may suffer from pain, swelling or redness of joints. The hard to control condition affects the daily activity of the people. Tactlessly, some of them don’t take this condition seriously. The reason behind this is certain myths. Let’s have a look at them.

Myth 1 – Gout is a very rare condition

Relatively, a common condition; gout is growing in a number at a fast pace. Specially, the age group above 40 years is more prone to this medical condition.

Myth 2 – It targets men

Well, this is truly a myth because both male and female are equally prone to gout. Though, women are diagnosed with this condition after menopause.

Myth 3 – Gout eventually treated by its own

It is found that the symptoms eventually go within the time. But, it does not mean that gout is gone fully.  Even if someone is not able to experience the symptoms, it is important to go for the diagnosis as it could results in long-term health problem.

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