Duck Boat Accident Sheds Light on Safety, Inspection Concerns  

At Schechter, McElwee, Shaffer, and Harris, we often talk to maritime workers who suffer injury as a result of poor maintenance or safety concerns. The tragedy at Table Rock Lake in Missouri brings to point the risks of boats, especially those not properly maintained. If you have been hurt as a part of your job on the waterways, we encourage you to speak to our Fort Lauderdale Jones Act lawyer to learn more about your case and your ability to obtain compensation for your losses.

A Tragedy That May Have Been Avoidable

On July 19, 2018, a group of 31 people, including workers, took to Table Rock Lake just outside Branson, Missouri for a duct boat ride. 17 of those individuals died in a tragic accident that many are questioning the cause of. Though the information about the actual cause is not completely clear at this point, there is evidence mistakes – many mistakes – were made, leading to the loss of life. Of those that survived, including the captain and crew member, many suffered injuries and were hospitalized.

A duck boat is not your usual watercraft. These boats were first designed by modifying military vehicles during World War II and the Korean War. They are an amphibious vehicle capable of driving on land and in the water. They are a type of marine vessel, but they are considered significantly dangerous. As of July of 2018, an estimated 39 people have died in accidents involving these boats.

What Could Have Been Done?

When we think about the Jones Act, we consider whether or not a worker suffered injuries as a result of negligence. In this case, there are numerous potential risk factors – failed inspections in 2015 and 2016 are among them. The design of the boats themselves are a risk, trapping people within them. The boat operator made the decision to take people out onto the water even with impending storms. In this case, the U.S. Coast Guard is still working to understand the cause.

Yet, for many people who are responsible for their crew aboard marine vessels, one thing is for certain. Such mistakes destroy lives, create financial loss, and limit safety. This is just one example of a tragedy that potentially could have been avoided.

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