12 thoughts on “(nu) kidney bean pasta soup with cellery n parslee + red chilly powder and salt”

      1. i dohnt yuzuallee get that tho,i might be juhst tripin buht itz weird i thought ov that., iym triyn not tu imajin weird thingz buht iym paranoid about italy aktualle(kauz vatikan theyr) buht hohpfullee itz anuhnrelayted good companee dat maykd pasta

  1. oh i juhst watchd the opening sceen ov this muuvee https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CmmPKOnvTgI
    and now i juhst wish i waz having sex so muhch. ,,and then i thought oh ?? why miy watching a computr generayted movee about sex? i should be watching real girlz hav sex,,n then i thought? what am i thinking i should be having sex with real girlz! ,, n then i thought oh=( where kan i fiynd a luhv hoo wahna hav sex with me right now? buht i hav no option that ever answerd that question so i guess i will watch this muuvee mohr

  2. oh,,sofar this muuvee kiyda remiyndz me ov what being an adault feelz liyk,,yeuhk ,, barz n driyvin othr peoplez girlfriendz arround.,, sooooooo glad i gayv that uhp,n bekaym a brohk ass artist kid suhmohr.(tho i waz alwayz prettee muhch a brohk ass artist kid buht i yuzd tu go tu barz n be and adult sorta

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