i did a ritual ~ <3 z ~ i kast a spell <3 z ~ uhnder the moon ~ a good wuhn <3 z =)

du tu winteree death setting uhpon uhs naytur/medaling humanz gayv me the opertunitee and univers gayv me the thought tu ~ sayv miy freezing tu death plantz.i sayvd suhm erleeyr and then the wuhnz i thought would hav been a big issu tu moov i yuhst undermoon receevd the korekt ideya about how tu arraynj better <3 z ~ and then my ritual/spell i kast iz ~ i stopd naping in frozen death and got uhp off miy layzee froozen buht tu du the tast and sayv miy plantz <3 z =)

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33 thoughts on “i did a ritual ~ <3 z ~ i kast a spell <3 z ~ uhnder the moon ~ a good wuhn <3 z =)”

  1. evereething we du iza spell/ritual/prayr/majik buht this wuhn i figured well bekauz uhnder moon i want tu sayv innocent liyf fruhm sorowing death and it juhst kaym tugether tu = sooo iym konsidering it a ritual in the benafit ov liyf and telling yu about it iz part ov miy spell tu yawll ohn top ov miy alredee akteon simplee given <3 z =)

  2. keep the dirt warm <3 z ~ warm yur plantz fruhm underneeth them 3 z ,, and i shuld hav sayd ~ evereething we du iz majix ~ everee akteon we mayk iz an akt ov majix ,, bekauz it kauz effektz <3 z ekohing untu our infinit <3 z =)

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