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about saytanizm and christianity

i havnt herd fruhm churchez /precherz mohst ov what i think jeezuhs iz about buht theyr r suhm wriytingz that sound liyk jeezuhs buht most r missleading/and rewerded in biblez buht yep u deciyd hoo u think jesus iz,iyd say dohnt truhst the bible uhless it sound liyk jezuhs. mohstlee christianity is satanizm buht hiden under jeezuhs cardbord kuhtout.baysiklee christianity iz the liyv stock class ov saytanizm.saytanizm haz mohr truth in it buht they chooz tu be evil and murderous/selfish and christion systemz r saym abus and savagree buht with no self empowerment . itz slayv class ov saytanizm ruhn by saytanistz.

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no.i tayk it back. i giv no propz tu saytanizm. itz juhst selfish cat eating innocent animal. buht i du still see christian churcheree az still turning out tu be also recrutment branch ov saytanizm. az it iz methodz ov manipulayteon and abuse in ignoranc/self riycheous in uhnknowing gang bangeree ruhn mohstlee by saytanistz.buht there iz truth in both extremez. peepz ideya ov jesus iz tu be luhv n that iz a good way ,,saytanizm iz about rejekting love for selfish material profit(not aktuallee profitable) <3 z =) 1 second ago• nu nu yesuhs iz bruhthr/luhver/niyc guy/sisterlee ~ sex iz majik in luhv buht saytanistz du evil n there iz no reward.(in that) luhv iz the gift we get when we du good~ be luhv <3 z protekt/defend our innocent <3 z =) 1 second ago•

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