i mayd a pinto bean n potayto soup with basil leafz in it n red chilly powder n salt

iz yuhmee buht beanz hav thoz littl sluhg liyk looking thingoz that get ejekted fruhm beanz when kookd and that part iz trip me owt abowt beanz still till i get mohr informd about what that part iz?? tho iyv been told itz a part ov the plant buht i du think plantz giv birth tu animalz tu so that still trip me owt buht i kookd beanz aneeway n then alwayz think about it when i see thoz thingoz,,, sooo i put suhm beanz in water that iym not kooking so i will see them grow and/or whatever themz r goohna du,, buht atm soup iz yumee still <3 z =) also i sayvd peicez ov tha potaytaoz tu so thay kahn grow azwell <3 z =)

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