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alberta rezorcez~ food n shelterz avaylabl atm

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be the change yyc ~ iy liykee <3 z =) food rezorcez in alberta

i i kawmehnt ~
awsuhm werk u luhvz <3 z =) iym da nu ~ artist in calgary ~ i luhv yur initiativ<3 z ~ iym at ~ nubrdu@ gmail.com or nu@infiniterealities.org (eithr may or may noht werk?) buht i hav siyt at ~ infiniterealities.org azwehl <3 z ~ great werk ~ i would luhv tu develop a fasilitee/dropin center kreayteon / living center or suhmthin for free good housing and komunitee i will prollee pohst this ohn wuhna yur videyoz <3 z ~ lehtz werk tugehthr luhvz =)

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hiy info typing in here

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