(nu) land

hiy friendz <3 ~ yep im werking on dezyning and building our (nu) pedel carz ~ that we can all mayk @ (nu)land ~ also we will mayk (nu) windmillz and (nu) water purifyrz and (nu)fashionz n (nu) artz n (nu)meuzix and (nu) greenhousez n (nu)housez in general + lotza othr fuhn (nu)thingoz im dezyning for us @ (nu)land <3

stuff u might see @ (nu)land

hiy =)

a (nu)land park/town would be a combinaytion ov ~ nature built infastruktur and vegan diet and ethikz lifestyl ( ~ (nu)styl duz not suport the victomizing vandulizm ov spayding nor neutoring also for obvious moralitee (tho sum veganz r missled intu suporting that.,,not @ (nu) styl )
preferable (nu) land would be a free tu joyn innovation hub ov creaytivite but tu build this anywhere i want full perminant real land ownership over what i personale mayk ~ transferable at my desyding but we haznt that option in Canada azim seein sofar. so ~for now (nu)land will be an idea and be unrooted geograghicle and floating but we can build temperare or permenent where inviyted freele tu proform our free creaytive expressionz and living

option in prezent temperary land title agreementz

(nu) land iz a themepark camground town place
it would be fun tu mayk
if we need money tu pay for land then this iz the idea tu fuN~d~RaYz
24/7 year round access tu (nu) land pass =$100 (usa buckrz cauz our indigogo campaign iz in amercahz = https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nu-land-amuzmentz-eco-villaj–3/x/13822369#/story )

wer gonna pick out sum land and we need ur pre buying sum passez tu mayk a down payment ~ so we r ready tu start (nu) land ~ in Canada

if u wanna pleaz joyn us ~ we can invent jobz tu get our 100 buck$ez tu if we werk tugether =D

also pleaz ~ post ur talentz in clasifydz (az an introduction) tu gain full site funktion =)

i juhst lookd at miy indigogo campayin i waz setting uhp ideya n what i wroht in dat n i kopee it

n pohsting heeyr <3 z =) Celebrate Black Friday with products up to 60% off and shipping now SHOP NOW Explore What We Do Newsletter For Entrepreneurs Start a Campaign Log In Sign Up CLOSED nu land * amuzmentz eco villaj artist community theme park villaj/town vegan styl plur zin affekt ~ joyn us n help us mayk nubrz (nu) (nu)land, Canada About $0 USD raised by 0 backers 0% of $1,000,000 flexible goal STORY UPDATES COMMENTS (2) BACKERS Short Summary Contributors fund ideas they can be passionate about and to people they trust. Here are some things to do in this section: Introduce yourself and your background. hiy =) im nubrz here ~ im an artist in Calgary (at the moment) i have been searching for my team forever ~ but im uzualle alwayz maykin art so i dont go out often tu meet anybuddy ~ for a wial ,,,, but what iv been duing iz dezyning the stuff we need tu live here happily az humanz and learning frum all ov u ~ az i dream it ur dreamin it tu or u already mayked it but im just thinkin about how tu have it all and sew us intu the rest ov natur az lovinglee coexistant az possable n mayk it eaze so we can dream deeper <3 z Briefly describe your campaign and why it's important to you. we all need sumwhere beautiful and satisfying tu exist @ if u wanna we can mayk dat 🙂 Express the magnitude of what contributors will help you achieve. well it iz so fuhn tu be in a community with friendz havin fuhn being at peace our potential achievmentz r unlimited in the magnitudelz ov collective creaytion we du reach anyway so letz put it right at home <3 Remember, keep it concise, yet personal. Ask yourself: if someone stopped reading here would they be ready to make a contribution? What We Need & What You Get Break it down for folks in more detail: Explain how much funding you need and where it's going. Be transparent and specific-people need to trust you to want to fund you. well ~ we need tu buy the land ~ or also if u have land ~ we just need land ~ but ~ if we have extra money ~ it will be a community float ~ for whatever we need tu buy, we will grow food but dry suppliez will be realleee ~ we will need sum ~ and this and that if we cant mayk it ourselvez Tell people about your unique perks. Get them excited! Describe where the funds go if you don't reach your entire goal. i would try tu get us a good investment that = land if we dint have enough tu buy land or u can have ur money back or i can stop the campaign frum taking money (i think) if we for sure cant du a thing, but ~ whoever wantz tu werk tugether we could start then anyway =) The Impact Feel free to explain more about your campaign and let people know the difference their contribution will make: Explain why your project is valuable to the contributor and to the world. it will be a fuhn experiment ~ tho we will uz proven methodz and teknology also ~ what we mayk, we can share ~ there by benafiting all beingz in our achievement Point out your successful track record with projects like this (if you have one). my snow arch video iz lyk cob ish styl n thatz totalleee how i wanna mayk stuff ~ also i wanna explore our optionz in that more ~ and iv duhn testz tu realleee feel confident in it and we will teach eachother if we werk tugether =) i have saved most ov everything i wanna build for when i have space tu du it = this campayin Make it real for people and build trust. Risks & Challenges People value your transparency. Be open and stand out by providing insight into the risks and obstacles you may face on the way to achieving your goal. iv pre thought ov obsticalz thatz why we should build it so we dont have any <3 Share what qualifies you to overcome these hurdles. my imajinaytion <3 Describe your plan for solving these challenges. hang out an projekt solve for fuhn entertainment <3 Other Ways You Can Help Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help: Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about your campaign. Remind them to use the Indiegogo share tools! if u have any more questionz ~ pleaz ask me in the comment section <3 z ~ thank u =) And that's all there is to it. PERKS FEATURED $100 USD 24/7 year round pass this iz ur 24/7 year round park pass ~ this will give u access tu (nu)land ~24/7 year round ~ u can vizit whenever u want or u can live there year round ~ everyone will learn how tu mayk housez and if ur a awsum community member than u can build a personal perminant house and u will own that forever(az long az we have the land for,,hopefullee for ever. ) it will be a fuhn villaj/town/art festival/eco happeee playce ~ im looking for land in central/southern alberta for this first (nu)land . 0 claimed so i kuldland <3 z =) 3 z =)h i red it now n yep it kopeed) kopee tha pass deskriptsheon buht i think i will prollee liyk/luhv miy ideya still if i read it again buht heeyr iz the link,,we /i kahn offer this saym deal/ideya still heeyr in canada buht put fuhndrayz donayteon at 100 ca if we wanna juhst buy a land for imeediat liv theyr ,, if we wahna ~ let me know if u wahna <3 z =) link tu indegogo kampayn

iym gohna start painting pikturz again buht we kuld du it prono with lotza investerz at wuhns ~ if aneewuhn wahnah liv in a (nu)land