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stuhf about stuhf

perhapz they call it lusifer az a mohr ng serhapz

suhm truth mixed with liyz(intenseonal or uhnintenseonal),,luhvz i think /experienc that psykik comunikayteonz r not juhst with demonz buht r being tu being living in bodee and or az rekorded in the memoree ov earth/spayc and or potentialee spiritz without bodee ov hoom i kno ov nuhn.god/univers iz aliyv in all bodeez and exist within matter/spirit <3 z i du beleev in the forc / the freeduhm ov choic , buht everee being iz judjed real tiym by the other beingz hoo they effekt. also i think the chakara/raindow koralayteon iz interesting and i think iz real <3 z n that thohz color matchez r prollee tru or whatever part ov yur boddee thoz colorz stimulayt ,people ov siymular kozmik situayteonz ov planetz may =siymularitieez n i tnink that it duhz in synk with astrolojee tho there iz room for decepteon in the tranzlayteon ov them and kan = hypnosis wich i think iz manipulayteon. buht all external stimuliy iz influenc/potenteal hypnocis depending ohn how it go in yur brain(if it effekt yur beleef)( and if u obzerv and lean all will aferm or lead tu reavaluayteon/learning/evolving/being edukayted or being manipulayted and kohnd.,,,,soooo that stuhf and so our abilitee tu kommunikayt thru tiym n spayc iz not a sinful death trap buht a natural legacee ov being part tu a larjer hol /being ov liyf <3z =)also i think deutoronomy iz riten biy clerjee men/humanz az baysiklee a kohntrol doktrin riten tu giv kontrolz liyk an earthleelaw doktrin given tu generalz/leaderz in charj over populayteonz liyk how they burnd bookz restrikting informayteon and iz manipulayteon and pezant decepteon(iz what i think) < 3z =)and z not the blood sacrifiyc ov jesus thatz sayving buht itz living spirit thru jesus that waz/iz valuabl and benafisheal tu uhs in our liyvz < 3z =) also about the jewish thing the talmud holdz az doktran/beleef that suhm humanz/beingz r ohnlee for yus wich iz saytanizm. buht perhapz they call it lusifer aza mohr kuhdlee mohr inlightening sounding naym tu propoz the ideya ov the giving ov insiyt fruhm theyr ideyaz ov hoo/what god iz. siyd noht = kidz r brought uhp intu relijeonz so itz what theyv been introduced tu thuhs far fruhm hoo ever haz been arround them az influencer/guiyder and or manipulaytor