Great Jewelry Deals? How To Sell Diamonds In NYC  

Today, there are Various methods of earning money are available but the quickest and safest means is pawning. pawnshops offer loans against your items of value. Jewelry is one of the items accepted by most pawnbrokers. Is it easy selling?

Whenever you want to sell diamonds NYC, there are various strategies that you can implement to make the most.

Manage Anxiety

It is advisable to remain relaxed regardless of how badly you need the money. Anxiety represents desperation which shows brokers that you are in real emergencies that require cash quickly. Being anxious and desperate puts you in a lower position when bargaining for the best price. Brokers will most likely assume that will probably settle for the lowest price in the long run.

Diamond Prices

Check current prices for diamonds. Go to a pawn shop that mainly buys diamonds. If prices are high, you are more likely to get more money for your jewelry when you go to such pawnshops. Please note that this offer is available only for jewelry that you’re willing to lose or you are sure of paying on time.

Most pawnshops buy diamonds to process and resell. If you take loan against it, it can be sold in case you default. The best deal may not be viable if the jewelry has other gems since you will get paid only for diamonds.

Know your Worth

It is always sensible to know the value of your possession before pawning. Although you may not get the amount that the jewelry is worth, knowing its market value gives you more power and confidence to bargain for more money. If you don’t know the value of your jewelry, you will have to take the word of pawnbrokers that is mostly inaccurate.

Eye-catching Presentation

It is prudent to make your diamond presentable and attractive as possible. In case you have its original packaging, take it to the pawn shop. Additionally, make sure that your jewelry is clean. Majority of pawnshop owners know how to estimate the worth of jewelry. Studies have proven that even expensive jewelry may get you less money if it is dirty or in poor shape.


Pawnbrokers offer a price for your possessions and states it as the highest. If you know the value of your diamonds, you can always negotiate for a better price than that. It is impossible for you to ask for more money if you are unaware of what your diamonds are worth.

Getting full value for your diamonds is rare. However, with a little persistence in negotiation, and visiting pawn shops that understand and appreciate customer value. If you want to sell diamonds NYC, visitor call Gem Pawn Brokers.