Great Reasons to Visit Czech Capital Prague

Some good reasons to visit the Czech capital, Prague are given below.

Admire the largest castle complex

The Prague Castle dating back to the 9th century covers a vast area of 70,000 sq. feet. It is largest castle complex recognized by Guinness Book. There are many building including St.Vitus cathedral, several museums, churches, presidential palace, defence towers, and Golden Lane [hosed royal goldsmiths in 16th century].

Appreciate the stunning architectural masterpieces

Prague was not damaged severely in the Second World War; so many historical buildings can be seen even today. The city is a breathtaking blend of gothic, baroque, and renaissance architecture, which is hardly found anywhere around Europe.

Enjoy artisanal dishes and beer spas

You can experience the historical highlights traveling on foot as well as in public transport. Look for food tour Prague, so as to delve deep in the city’s food scene and experience its classic, contemporary artisanal dishes, which cannot be discovered without professional guided tours. You will even enjoy beer drinking Czech beers, which are light and foamy. Prague even has beer spas as well as an organic beauty product manufacturer that deigns beer-based shampoos and creams.

To attend amazing summer festivals

The Prague’s river boardwalk region called Naplavka becomes vibrant in summer. It hosts many festivals ranging from cheesecake to ice cream festival and microbrewery to veggie food festival. There is also the live music, the floating beer gardens as well as other live events. If you plan a winter visit then there are the wine festival and Christmas markets, which light the streets.

Capture panoramic views

You can capture exclusive photographs of the beautiful lights at night across the square from Old Town hall tower. Vysehrad is a historical fort, which is situated over a river and best views of the city and water. Just climb 138 steps of 14th century Charles Bridge tower to click bridge and Prague across Vltava River. Letna Park and Petrin hill offer great viewpoints.