How do you Know if a Sex Cam is Really LIVE?

Leaving all the porn movies, pictures and websites behind, you actually work on finding a good sex cam live so that you can release your sexual stress and get back to work. You have this specific intention to watch something that’s happening LIVE and is not pre-recorded because if you want to see something scripted and pre-shot, you can always watch a porn movie. However, that’s not something that you want to see. Hence, you are now on a website that has all the amazing sex cams for your eyes.

But the moment you land on a specific cam thinking it is LIVE, you realize it is not LIVE. This kills your arousal and pushes you back to square one. We understand what you are going through. We are here to help you by not letting you face this sort of a nightmare.

It is easy for any website to fool the visitors by putting pre-shot videos as LIVE ones. The cam providers have become so smart that they know how to manipulate stuff. If you don’t want to end up being fooled, the best thing to do is find out if a specific cam is surely LIVE.

Well, the smartest thing to do is find a cam that has live chatting feature. Send messages to the model and find out if she is responding to you. Check where her eyes go when she types and also check the kind of responses you are receiving. It should not be from random robots tamed to respond dumb stuff to you. If you think the model is genuinely responding, smiling, blushing and expressing emotions according to your conversation with her, don’t be worried – the cam is definitely live and you can continue watching the same.