How I Style my Converse

A few weeks ago, a very exciting email popped into my inbox from the people at John Lewis. They kindly offered to send me some vouchers so I could buy some brand spanking new Converse and then create a post to show you guys how I style them. Getting to the point where shops actually pay me to blog was a serious moment for me, bucket list style!

So, everyone loves Converse, but apart from the classic versions they have a lot of new styles. Having looked in my local John Lewis I couldn’t actually find any Converse I wanted, so in the end I ordered mine from the website! They have a cute winter range at the moment with some fleece lining and leather look materials, very nice! I went for a gorgeous Maroon pair that have the classic converse look but have an exciting grey fleece lining, mmmm cosy! I’m absolutely in love with my new converse and this is how I’ve been wearing them this week.

I love my bobble hat, especially as it matches my new converse but does my head look a funny shape in it? Oh well I’ll continue wearing it anyway. My new sheer jumper from Primark is so cute as well, I love wearing a cute t-shirt or collared shirt underneath. The jeans from there are also the best I’ve ever had, they’re a perfect fit and so comfortable, and they were £9 from my beloved Primark! Finally I topped the outfit off with some old school Oakley glasses from my own personal collection. They look a bit battered and well used, as they are, but they go so well with the rest of the outfit!

I really love this outfit the maroon accents and cute daisy print really bring it to life, but I cannot express my love for my new Converse enough. They are gorgeous and comfy and warm and snuggly and pretty and cute. I hope you like my outfit suggestions, and if you want some pretty new Converse don’t forget to check them out!