How to Deal With a Trucking Accident

Semi-trucks, or 18-wheelers, dominate the road. They are large and powerful vehicles capable of doing a great deal of damage to smaller vehicles and inflicting sever harm to their occupants. When driving near a truck, you should remain especially vigilant and alert. Always make sure the driver knows the position of your vehicle in relation to theirs. You should also look out for the sudden movements of other vehicles that are near the truck, as they can affect the behaviour of the truck driver.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident and it was the fault of the other driver, then you should build up a case and sue.

Making Your Voice Heard

Rarely do people walk away from a trucking accident unscathed. But even as you are recovering from your injuries, you should begin thinking about your future. Your first move should be to retain the services of a lawyer such as the ones found at Brauns Law. Your lawyer will be eager to hear your side of the story. They will ask you to recount the events that led to the accident and everything that occurred afterward. Your lawyer will be interested in the particulars of the accident and how your life has been affected by it. Your story will form the basis of the legal strategy that will be subsequently developed.

The Consequences of a Truck Accident

Truck accidents tend to be extremely violent and destructive. They can lead to broken bones, head and spinal injuries, damaged nerves, and even permanent disabilities. If you have been severely injured in a truck accident, you will need to spend a considerable amount of time in the hospital. This will lead to a sudden reduction in income and the piling up of medical bills, including those related to rehabilitative therapy and prescription drugs. You may also lose your livelihood if you are in the trades or otherwise dependent on physical well-being.

You should not have to shoulder the financial burden of being in this condition alone. The people responsible for your predicament should be held accountable.

Who to Sue

The lawsuit will not be directed toward the driver. Truck drivers are employees of the companies they work for, and it is the latter that is ultimately responsible. Truck companies are obligated to ensure the drivers they put on the road are well-trained and qualified. Rest periods for drivers must also be enforced. Unfortunately, the opposite occurs in many trucking companies. In pursuit of more wealth and profit, some trucking companies push drivers beyond their physical limits. This can lead to driver fatigue and an increased risk of collision.

What Your Lawyer Will Do

You should retain the services of a lawyer with extensive experience and expertise in tuck accident. Such a lawyer will know how to gather the evidence necessary to prove negligence or recklessness on the part of the trucking company. They will bring in experts who can prove how the accident unfolded and demonstrate the role of trucking company in it.