Latest trends in flower girl dresses  

Flower girls with their cute little dresses set the tone in every wedding and make the occasion a bit more special. Finding the perfect flower girl dress for these little angels can be a bit stressful, especially when you have to move from store to store with little time to spare. This can be made easier when you know the latest trends there are and exactly where to find them. The following are the top trends of 2018.

Sashes can make a simple outfit of any color stand out. The sash should match the theme of the occasion from the color, the size of the ribbon and the texture. Matching the flower girls sash to the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses will tie the bridal party together.

Ivory is great when it comes to wedding colors. Ivory is a shade of white with a hint of peach, yellow or cream and has more texture and warmth. There are several styles, materials, and patterns to choose from these flower girl dresses. The dresses look good on any skin tone and even better on wedding pictures.

Vintage Inspired Lace Flower Girl Dresses
Laces may be handmade, or machine made fine open fabrics made of silk, cotton or synthetic fabrics. Laces are popular in weddings around the world with several colors, types, and patterns available. Partial lace flower girl dresses are more appropriate for colder seasons, while full lace dresses are good for warmer seasons.

White Flower Girl Dresses
White gowns are simple and elegant and the best color for weddings in the summer. Although brides nowadays may choose to have their wedding dresses in another color other than white, white has been the traditional color for the wedding gown, and the flower girls gown. While some may think white is cliché, white dresses can come in different materials, designs and special patterns.

Floor Length Flower Girl Dresses
Sometimes when the flower girl is older but still needs to achieve the princess look. A floor length dress is perfect for this, and she will be able to walk in it without tripping. This kind of dress is appropriate for girls above seven years old to avoid accidents on the wedding day.

Little girls in cute little dresses add charm in any occasion. At pink princess, we offer a variety of designs, for girls of every age from toddlers to school going children with prices that can fit any budget. You get to make your selection depending on color, size, length and price range right in the comfort of your home and save a lot of time you could have used walking from store to store.