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Mangkang Zoo at Semarang City, Central Java Province

Families need to have a regular schedule when it comes to recreation. In cases like this, visiting Mangkang Zoo would be the best alternative. Mangkang Zoo is located at Tambakaji Village and belongs to Ngaliyan Sub-District, Semarang. The local government made a decision to build it to accommodate people with a worthy informative tourist site, after all. In this way, visitors can learn different types of Indonesian flora and fauna while still exploring the zoo. Somehow, it will become a perfect place to spend a family recreation as well.

After arriving at Mangkang Zoo, the first thing tourists may notice is the fabulous gate. It’s three big animal statues that are a tiger, peacock, and rhinoceros. In front of the entrance, many food sellers reside also. What about the size of the zoo? Have no worries. Regardless of the significant dimensions, tourists can explore it professionally by taking advantage of mini train support. That means that they do not have to walk throughout the exploration.

Well, tourists have two choices in how they travel around the zoo. To begin with, they could easily walk to get around the website. As an alternative, they can pay some money and ride the mini train to learn more about the zoo. As for tourist activities, sightseeing is certainly the prime factor that tourists might do there. That means visitors may see all the animals kept in the zoo and take photos of them. For the information, the website has over 40 species of creatures. In reality, the amount keeps increasing each year.

What is more? Aside from seeing photography and animals, tourists can do much more things at Mangkang Zoo. By way of instance, they could spend some money to ride an elephant! The price is quite affordable. For more fun activities, vacationers should utilize different amenities, including the flying fox, boat ride, and even a water boom! For those coming with children, they need not miss the chance of watching animal movies also.

In terms of the tip, people should come through good weather. Should they arrive at noon, they should have prepared a hat or other comparable items. It’s because the website gets too hot at noon, especially during the dry season. It is also suggested to carry sufficient cash. Tourists might use it to cover the ticket fee, meals, and fun facilities, later all.

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