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well itz sunday and itz super sunny out sofar i woke up and thought about where tu go n see princessez who luhvz me n who i luhv but i duno where u r so i waz bohnin the couch i sleep on but im wondering where u r soooooo i can share yuhmmy luhvinz with u + other fuhn stuff ~ but sexxe luhvere iz first foundaytion tu our frienship cauz i wanna be friendz with my wivez ~ U if ur my princessez <3 where r u @ ? if ur here tu luhv me pleaz send me messajez in messaj box and if that duznt werk pleaz post a free ad in classifiedz ~ hunniez <3

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my vajyna feelz amazing ^^ annnnd im maykin a hot tub! + meuzix <3

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  1. pleaz post vegan eventz so i know where tu meet u <3 z ~ for me ~ green light for luhvin = ur vegan + u have developd boobz(= ur ready for sexxe luhvinz) n u wanna put ur vajyna on me = mmmmmmmmmm n especialle if ur also virjin princess n never luhvd no boyz yet ~ i wanna give u my babiez n be ur boy luhv ~ if u sex urself mmmmmm i luhv dat n if u were abuzed imma fix u with my luhvin and erase that.i hav build a beautiful world @ the tip ov my fingertipz but i need u for motivation tu create stuff for us <3 fb and meetup have both clzed my accountz twice and checking email iz tu much extra effort so i hope u chat me here <3 z mmmmmmmuuuuuaaaah

  2. also im a unique kynda hermaphrodite (i just realized like last/this year) so i have ballz + ween + minni vajyna so our kidz may be both = purfect gender ballance beingz = maybe i can even giv birth eventualle ~ mayking children iz very important that we r ready but luhvin we need all day n night mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pleaz connect <3 z

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