nuz frum (nu)land

hiy friendz <3 ~ yep im werking on dezyning and building our (nu) pedel carz ~ that we can all mayk @ (nu)land ~ also we will mayk (nu) windmillz and (nu) water purifyrz and (nu)fashionz n (nu) artz n (nu)meuzix and (nu) greenhousez n (nu)housez in general + lotza othr fuhn (nu)thingoz im dezyning for us @ (nu)land <3

hiy friendz <3 we hava indigogo campayn ~ pleaz joyn us and share <3–3/x/13822369#/


well,,, itz called nu land * amuzmentz eco villaj themepark ~ listed under community

hiy <3 z

well itz sunday and itz super sunny out sofar i woke up and thought about where tu go n see princessez who luhvz me n who i luhv but i duno where u r so i waz bohnin the couch i sleep on but im wondering where u r soooooo i can share yuhmmy luhvinz with u + other fuhn stuff ~ but sexxe luhvere iz first foundaytion tu our frienship cauz i wanna be friendz with my wivez ~ U if ur my princessez <3 where r u @ ? if ur here tu luhv me pleaz send me messajez in messaj box and if that duznt werk pleaz post a free ad in classifiedz ~ hunniez <3

hiy luhvz <3 ^^)

if u dint start growing ur tomato seedz yet then ~ itz tym tu get em started n plant em in sum cupz or sumthin! <3 ~ we wanna mayk our vegan themepark villaj this year! <3 z sooooo we r asking for free land tu live @ and mayk! <3 z sooooooooo pleaz send me ~ hiya ~ a messaj if u wanna mayk it with us <3 z mmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhh! <3 =)

renovayting @ (nu) steudeoz tuday <3

yep ~ sum mayka (nu)r sweet steudeo spays=(space) >>>> tu d mayke

@ ne calgary steudeo <3 ~ annnd yep! ~ <3 ~ gruuvy peoplez can kuhm ova tu ~ if u send me a messaj about wanting tu <3 ,,,, ~ also again ~ if u signd up but have no optionz? pleaz mayk a classifydz ad so we can know ~ and then we can try n fix that ,, but,,, we dont know if anyone signd up or if itz a robot infaltraytion but hiy hiy hiy be our friendz haw?? who wanna??? sum buddy must wanna ~ but ~ who? let us know <3 ok we r go tu maykez