(nu) land

hiy friendz <3 ~ yep im werking on dezyning and building our (nu) pedel carz ~ that we can all mayk @ (nu)land ~ also we will mayk (nu) windmillz and (nu) water purifyrz and (nu)fashionz n (nu) artz n (nu)meuzix and (nu) greenhousez n (nu)housez in general + lotza othr fuhn (nu)thingoz im dezyning for us @ (nu)land <3

stuff u might see @ (nu)land

hiy =)

a (nu)land park/town would be a combinaytion ov ~ nature built infastruktur and vegan diet and ethikz lifestyl ( ~ (nu)styl duz not suport the victomizing vandulizm ov spayding nor neutoring also for obvious moralitee (tho sum veganz r missled intu suporting that.,,not @ (nu) styl )
preferable (nu) land would be a free tu joyn innovation hub ov creaytivite but tu build this anywhere i want full perminant real land ownership over what i personale mayk ~ transferable at my desyding but we haznt that option in Canada azim seein sofar. so ~for now (nu)land will be an idea and be unrooted geograghicle and floating but we can build temperare or permenent where inviyted freele tu proform our free creaytive expressionz and living

option in prezent temperary land title agreementz

(nu) land iz a themepark camground town place
it would be fun tu mayk
if we need money tu pay for land then this iz the idea tu fuN~d~RaYz
24/7 year round access tu (nu) land pass =$100 (usa buckrz cauz our indigogo campaign iz in amercahz =¬†https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nu-land-amuzmentz-eco-villaj–3/x/13822369#/story )

wer gonna pick out sum land and we need ur pre buying sum passez tu mayk a down payment ~ so we r ready tu start (nu) land ~ in Canada

if u wanna pleaz joyn us ~ we can invent jobz tu get our 100 buck$ez tu if we werk tugether =D

also pleaz ~ post ur talentz in clasifydz (az an introduction) tu gain full site funktion =)