Tata Harrier – Price, Features, Specification | Latest SUV in India

Tata cars always are on top with in terms of quality and comfort and always have appealed the audiences with new and best-in-class features. Harrier by the Tata is the newly launched automobile wonder and has been in talks for a while now. The car is said to be one of the finest SUVs in the range and is an ideal blend of luxury, comfort, and power. The car is said to have interesting features and design that are bound to startle the audience just like all the cars by Tata to date.


The car possesses an engine that capacity of which is 2.0 L and is indeed a multi-jet engine. This engine produces the sweet noise of the power and the engineering that has been employed in the making of this beast of a car. The car is available in the fuel variants of diesel and petrol. The car happens to have a 6-speed manual transmission with an engine that is heavy and powerful. The car is an absolute delight to drive and most of the credit for which goes to the design that is crafted in a particular manner. Not just in terms of driving but because of the built quality of the car, it is even a fine ride to roll around whilst being seated.


Design of the Tata Harrier is very unique and is arguably one of the best in the segment. The design of this car defines muscle and sport along with the individuality that the design gives to the car.

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The interior of the car is made up of dual tone shades of grey and beige. Whilst inside the car, the car surely does give a plush look, luxurious feel and has leather finish interiors. There are also highlights of wooden-finished material in a few parts of the interiors of the car. The plastic that is used underneath the leather finished interiors happens to be of high quality. There is an infotainment system that is placed right in the center of the dashboard. Standard AC vents under are placed right under the smart play system.


This car happens to have an exterior that undoubtedly is better than any other cars in the price range and is said to be one of the best amongst all the others in the category. The height of this car is more in terms when compared to the other SUVs by the company or other SUVs that are the rivals of this car. The grille employed in this car is of a unique shape that has a black grille made out of alloys, the grille of this car is one of the unique identities of the car. The headlamps of this car have a smaller design and size than the usual cars and have a very distinct shape, despite the size, the headlamps are made up of LEDs and are undoubtedly more powerful.


A ride in this car signifies a luxury experience and the car is popularly known for tonight. The car for the person on the wheel is light within the bounds of the city and it gives a feeling of power on the highways. The car happens to be a high-speed run which is the culmination of the high torque and the power that is produced by the engine. The car gives a mileage that ranges from 14 to 20 km/l depending on the usage and the model.


Tata Harrier price falls on the higher end of the scale and ranges from 12 to 17 lac INR that varies with the model. The car comes in the shades of orange, red, and white.a