The Top 3 Tools Every Marketing Consultant Needs in 2019

Marketing consultants have plenty to offer, and any tool that eases the burden is a blessing. Below is a quick rundown of the three key tools that every marketing consultant needs to help automate processes, streamline work, and make work more productive.


When a marketing consultant needs something, he can easily communicate with any member of the marketing team at any time.It is where Slack comes in to save the day.Slack is an instant messaging tool with features and benefits that go beyond simple chat.

Features and Benefits of Slack

1. Communicate immediately using messenger

The key feature of Slack is the ability to send instant messages to anyone at any time. Slack collects team communication in a convenient location and provides everyone with a shared workspace where everyone can access chat and information.

2. Do not miss anything with search and archives

Chat has a built-in search and archive feature that keeps people informed about everything and anything discussed in Slack.


Another top project management tools necessary for marketing consultants is Asana. Stay organized, save time, and helps monitor your progress in different campaigns. Let’s take a look at the main features and benefits of Asana.

Features and Benefits of Asana

1. Track your employees with project management

With Asana, you can create and assign tasks, set finish dates, and enter other required information. So Asana does the rest of the hard work for you. Employee updates on due dates, milestones, etc. are sent.

2. View all projects with the Asana Calendar

By viewing the calendar, you can identify overlaps and gaps, make changes, and generally set a more efficient schedule.

Work Examiner

Work Examiner is the application that allows you to track employees and monitor screens as needed. Here are the main features and benefits of this fantastic time tracking system.

Features and Benefits of the Work Examiner

1. Stay up to date with time tracking

With the Work Examiner, you can monitor the time of all your employees. This application shows you the time they spend in your business, break timings and much more. It also shows you the total time each person worked on your team.

2. Monitor the activity with screens

Work Examiner also provides screen capture monitoring, which is surprising for remote employees and lets you know who is working efficiently. This feature can be easily turned on or off for every person in your organization.


If, as a marketing consultant, you do not use Slack for Communication, Asana for Productivity, and Work Examiner for Time Monitoring, now is the time to start.