Top 5 reasons for the popularity of E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are spewing smoke everywhere you look nowadays. Be it parties or barbecues or even beach trips, each and every one of them has this metallic pipe that has replaced the packs of cigarettes that everyone used to carry. With this fast-paced world, stress comes free for almost all of us and leaves in its wake expensive habits like smoking. Well, at least it’s not as poisonous as before. E cigarettes Australia from e-cigarette club are widely becoming popular among the youth and even in some adult circles. While the traditionalists still cling to their tobacco-filled rolls of death, most have embraced this new form of smoking. Here’s why.

  1. To cut down smoking

The main reason why e-cigarettes were invented in the first place was to cut down addiction among traditional cigarette-smokers. While nicotine gums and patches were used in the beginning, it was the vapes that actually help reduce the addiction levels. With less nicotine and fewer toxins present in them as compared with rolled cigarettes, vapes have become really popular for this reason alone.

  1. Cheaper prices

The world economy is in a precarious stage and millennials are exploited by capitalism and expensive prices in most areas. In this costly time, the price of a product greatly affects the habits that we form. Thus, cheaper e-cigarettes have become immensely popular. With rolled cigarettes, you have to buy packet after packet which drains your wallet empty. But you only have to buy one pipe for vaping.

  1. Odour-free

Cigarettes smokers have that lingering smell of smoke and tobacco following them around everywhere they go. This even becomes a reason for annoyance for the surrounding people and thus results in many abandoned friendships. With e-cigarettes, this is not a problem. Being electronic and tobacco-free, vapes have next to no bad odour, and even if they do, it doesn’t linger after use. So most young millennials prefer this odour-free device to smoke and release stress.

  1. Flavours

Back in the olden days, when you smoked cigarettes there is only one flavour- tobacco. But now, it isn’t like that anymore. E-cigarettes are available in different flavours as per your preference. Be it apple cherry or coconut, and you can smoke all the flavours you like. Thus vaping has allowed the users not only to enjoy the after-effect but the particular flavors of the smoke as well.

  1. To look cool

The biggest reason why so many youngsters marinate in smoke-filled parties and dorm-rooms with their e-cigarettes in their mouth is because of their need to look cool. Most addictions start in adolescence because of peer pressure and social acceptance. We indulge in foolish pursuits often when we want to come across as someone cool and fabulous. Hard to say, if this is a good reason, but it is a reason nonetheless.

While smoking is a great hazard to health, most people don’t feel the need to care given its instant relief from stress. Nevertheless, e-cigarettes are here to stay.