What is the Function of a Doula When Someone is in Labor?

Before going to what a doula does at the time someone is in labor, let us first find out what is a doula? Doulas are professionals that are trained to provide physical, educational and emotional support someone who is pregnant and expecting labor or to someone who has given birth to a kid recently.

The reason doulas are hired is for helping women to have an empowering, memorable and safe experience of giving birth.

A doula is referred to as a birth doula or as companion support at the time of labor. Doulas are also known as labor companions, labor assistants, birth assistants, labor support specialists, and labor support professionals.

What is the function of a doula?

Doulas are generally hired a few months before the birth of the kid. On these few months, doulas visit the mother; they make friends with the mother so that the mother feels free so that she can ask various questions and express freely about her concerns and fears. A doula will make a birth plan with the help of the mother.

Doulas are available on the phone when a mother is pregnant all the time. A doula will respond to any of her questions, or they will address any issues that may arise at the time of the pregnancy. Doulas aren’t licensed to provide any medical help, but they have a great deal of knowledge in the medical aspects of delivery and labor.

They are of great help to their clients as doulas will give their clients a better understanding of pregnancy and delivery as well as the complications that can arise at those times.

At the time of delivery, doulas constantly stay and very close to the mother. They are good at providing comfort and relieving pain, such as relaxation, breathing, labor positions, and massage.