hiy <3 z mmmm welkuhm vere muhch thank u <3

soooo this site addz us az subscriberz at first joyning ~ but ~ if u post a profile pic then we can upgrayd u tu author status soooo U can post on post page mmmm ok <3


thank u n if ur a person n post a pic u get full poste action n we will luhv tu werk with u <3

2 thoughts on “hiy <3 z mmmm welkuhm vere muhch thank u <3”

  1. im not sure if signup iz werking properle or what but if u joynd i may have sent u this messaj ,, if u dint get it?
    Subject: hiy welkuhm ^^)
    i see u have joynd our netwerk annd thank u for joyning us <3 ~ u r joynd the netwerk but we dont have u listed az joynd the fuhntymz site ~ can u pleaz tell me how u signd up and if u have sum access tu any funktionz right now?

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